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  • Highly Secured
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  • Highly Secured
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What is Instagram ?

From the inception of Instagram last October of 2010 its popularity continues to increase and its purpose become inevitable. Over 400 million Instagram users had find great purpose in subscribing to this platform. From just a photo sharing app it is now being used as business tool for marketing purposes. Compared to other social media sites, Instagram had been showcasing not just pictures but its story too. It increases the ability of humans to understand what the message of an image is and begin to communicate through photos alone. Videos soon played a greater role for those who are running businesses and uses Instagram to promote their start up. Basically, Instagram is an all around platform that is of great value and purpose to all walks of life that is subscribed to it all over the world.


For more than 4yrs now, Likesandfollowersclub have been playing as a provider of Instagram services, such as likes and followers. Because we know that these two are the main players on the Instagram platform. Every Instagrammer would want to have as much likes and followers on all of their posts in order to be famous and popular. But most of all to share what their ideals in life are. Instagram is all about story and that’s what every IG subscriber wanted to do – share their feelings, experiences and what not through pictures and shared photos and videos. We wanted to make that possible so we only provide an all legit likes and followers that will sure to boost every post on Instagram.

How it works ?

Choose a package

Regardless whatever your business is all about, we will supply your page with a regular, consistent and an impressive social media traffic that will make your successful. Likes and followers will not be a problem; you just have to trust us with it.

Supply your information

Don’t worry, we are not after your personal information just send us your IG username and your preferred email address for us to use, thereafter your order shall be completely processed.

Order completion part

After you have chosen your package and supplied us with your details, you are now all set! It’s our hassle-free way of processing your order so buying Instagram likes and followers is really that easy.

Our Motto

"We have earned all our knowledge and experiences over the years. And we believe that you frame everything by yourself just like what we did in this business. Now it is our goal to provide assistance in framing your goals and hopes. Baby steps, it’s a learning process and we are here to provide you with solutions that will make you succeed and pay off all your hard work and efforts. Excellence is what we aim and the satisfaction of our clients is the best result for everything that we have worked hard for. And your trust and loyalty are what keeps us going."


Why choose us ?

Avail our free trial

You can experience our aftermath right before you make a payment. Our free trial option will give you the feel of what we have done. Just click on the link and you shall receive 20 Instagram followers directly to your profile instantly! So if you are satisfied with it, you can proceed with sending us your payment.

Impressive profiles

For more than 4 yrs now, we have developed an impression that is globally trusted. Our way of delivering likes and followers has been our established reputation and many had experienced it too. So with our legit process your business is safe and highly secured. We provide real profiles and no one can tell that you have purchased them.

The gurus of social media

Social media has been our second home and all the knowledge and experience that we have acquired today about this business is truly unmatchable. We can offer our assistance in the field of social media in order to be well-versed as to how things work around here.

Buy Instagram Followers

If you wanted to see your online visibility thrive up, your option is to buy Instagram followers from us. Having an established social media reputation and impression is an important element in the online business. Especially if you are utilizing the power of the Internet and the great influence of online marketing strategy, you definitely have to have your distinct identity. Taking leverage of this new age technology and advancement, Instagram is deemed to be the super star of today’s social media system. Compared to other sites this photo sharing tool had leveled up into something more productive. It has turned its platform into a communication hub where pictures can easily express its story that can be grasping instantly by those who can see that image. Wordless as it may seem, Instagram can represent that flawlessly. With our company’s services, you are assured that we can give you more and upgrade your branding into the social media limelight.

At present, social media sites and the internet marketing strategy have joined forces into creating a different environment for online businesses. If you desired to take you business into a whole new level, you should utilize Instagram’s impressive way of sharing and promoting your images. So to speak, pictures can express so much feeling and tell so many stories without uttering and words because words can fail most of the time. Our company’s pledge to you is to increase the level of your profile and greatly improve its visibility. With over 100 million users per month that is still increasing tremendously, you are assured that all those Instagrammers will see your posts and will sure drop by your profile every day. Can you now see the potential fame that is waiting for you and your business? Let Instagram and our company do so much for you.

Buy Instagram Likes

For an instant popularity and visibility buy Instagram likes – the legit Instagram likes and followers. And for secured and utmost quality of service, you can purchase likes and followers from us. We’re catering the global community, therefore, time and location is totally not an issue. What matters is that we provide services to everyone who wanted their branding to be known. A lot of experts will advise you about investing and suggesting different means in order for you to become famous on the Instagram platform. Likes are as much of a big deal as followers are on Instagram. Every day more and more Instagrammers are gaining so much popularity by buying Instagram likes and it has been a trend. The moment you’ve seen a post on IG that has so many likes and followers, you will also be attracted to check out and like that post too until you became a consistent viewer of that profile.

It’s an inevitable chain reaction the one reason why many online businesses purchase Instagram likes purposely for their branding and labeling. No matter how amazing or attractive your image or video is and there are not much of likes or followers then your post will just have to bite the dust. With us, your purchased likes are not only legit but will sure to do wonders for your post. It’s this generation’s way of efficiently promoting all kinds of business regardless of the niche you are having. We will take care of your business promotion while you continue improving your business; together we can make your branding popular on Instagram.


So you are enjoying Instagram but noticed that you haven’t gotten the number for followers and likes that you’ve been wanting. You need consistent followers but you can’t seem to have them. You need them to follow your videos, photos and pictures on a regular basis but seem to be impossible. It’s like you have to a celebrity or a famous icon before you can have that consistent followers. Actually, you don’t need to go that far in order to have the figures thrive up your posts. There is always a solution to every problem and that is what we exactly have for you. Buy real Instagram followers from us and you shall have those followers coming into your profile at such an affordable deal.Aspiring your artists and small business owners trying Instagram to showcase their business and talents will opt to purchase real Instagram followers to boost their fame and recognition. This will instantly open the doors to stardom. Millions of people will notice you and your post because of the number of followers who have been following you. It will now be a chain reaction until more and more Instagrammers will follow you and hail you #popular and #viral. Ironically, many businesses and personalities have acquired these kinds of services to increase their popularity standing and become successful. Now, you do not need to become somebody to be able to attract followers to your page. You just have to buy real and existing Instagram followers and they will do the job for you.


Radically, likes weights as much as followers. The truth is that not all Instagrammer will have the urge to check out your post and like it. You can wait a couple of days to have that much like but if you are using Instagram for your business, a couple of days will not do good to your business. You need to have that much likes immediately because it is business and the competition will eat you whole if you won’t act fast. Buying Instagram real likes will save you and your business wholly. It can do wonders that you cannot imagine possible. With us, you can just enjoy posting and continue being inspired with your business while we do our job for providing you with real Instagram likes that are active and does exists. Just allow us to do what is best for you and for the growth of your business.

What Clients Say About Us?

Nowadays being visible in social media is a must. Who would have thought that Instagram can do so much for me? Fact of the matter is that it has been the best medium for me compared to other social media sites. My pictures can already express what I wanted to say or what I cannot convey. It was a good choice trusting this company for my business. Ideally, I owe the growth of my business to a job well done by this highly recommendable provider.


It is clear to me that Instagram is indeed the best social medial platform this generation has. It has done wonders that even I could not imagine possible. It has established my connections to my target viewers and had attracted my customers. My photo and video sharing had even improved via this platform and I have never been this hype every day to post and update my clients about my business. And this company had contributed so much in pushing me to the limits. For that, good job!


I’ve been on Instagram for quite some time and deciding to bring my business promotion and advertisement to this platform was a bit of a challenge. But thank you to this genius company who has never failed me. Their action speaks louder than their words. They put magic into my profile and my popularity just boost up really fast. It’s just really incredible.


I like the idea of sharing photos that inspires people to do the same and just change how this world perceives about things. Thanks to this firm who had supported my advocacy by supply the number of likes and followers into my profile. Now more and more people around the globe are being reached by my vision through the pictures and videos that I am sharing and posting. My exposure to this global community is all because of Instagram and I am grateful for hopping in.