Test before you buy!

You only want to get high-quality results when you pay someone to increase your Facebook likes. But what if the service is not exactly what you expected? Likes And Followers Club has efficiently eliminated this problem by allowing you to first try our services for free. Once you check the quality and speed of our service, you can then choose a package.

Why use our FREE TRIAL service?

Every website offering social media marketing services claims to offer high-quality results. But do they really offer what they promise? Most of them do not! Likes And Followers Club has been a go-to option for brands looking for social media marketing services for a long time. Our services are trusted by many of the most popular Facebook pages and we have played a crucial role in their popularity. While our customers admire our services, you, as someone who wants to use our services for the first time are not too sure whether or not we’ll be able to deliver what we promise. By using our FREE TRIAL you can be 100% sure that we deliver top-class results in the least possible time. probably, is itching you is this:

Questions and answers

1Do you use bots to like my Facebook posts?
Facebook has become smarter over the years. It can now easily detect abnormal activities like using bots to like and comment on posts and can penalize you for the same. Rather than relying on such bots, we use time-proven marketing strategies to deliver the likes, comments, views, etc. Real and active Facebook accounts like your posts to ensure that everything looks organic.
2Will I lose the 25 free likes if I do not buy a package after using a trial?
No, if you decide that you do not want to buy a package after using the trial service, you’ll not lose the 25 likes that we’ve delivered. The decision to whether or not buy a package from us is in your hands. However, the free trial can only be used once.
3What do I need to do if I want to use the trial? Do I need to provide my credit card details?
You only need to provide the link to your Facebook post where you want to receive the likes and we’ll deliver the likes within minutes. Apart from the link, we’ll only need your email address to send confirmation mail. We do not require your credit card details for using the free trial.
4What if I want more than 25 likes?
With our trial, you can get 25 likes on your Facebook post for free. If you want more likes, you can select one of the packages we offer. All the packages we offer come with likes from high-quality profiles, complete security, and instant delivery.
5I liked your free trial and want to buy a premium package. However, I do not like the packages listed above. What can I do?
The packages have been designed by our experts to suit every budget and need. However, if you do not like the packages listed above, you can get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We do offer custom packages to best suit your needs.

Which company should I trust?

The number of likes your post on Facebook receives plays a major role in determining your popularity. If a post has a lot of likes, it’ll definitely attract other users to like and follow your posts too. With Likes And Followers Club, you can buy Facebook likes to instantly make your posts popular. With a user base of more than 2 billion users, Facebook is the largest social networking platform. By making your FB posts popular, you can attract hundreds and thousands of potential customers to follow your brand and updates. If you are new to buying Facebook likes, we offer a free trial of our service with the help of which you can get 25 likes for free. Test our services before selecting a package and make the right buying decision.

Instant delivery of high-quality results

While a lot of service providers take several hours and days to deliver the likes, we deliver them in minutes. As soon as you send a request to use our trial or buy a package, we’ll start working on your request and deliver the results as quickly as possible. With every business competing on Facebook, we understand time is of essence and can play an important role in your Facebook success. As a result, all our services are instantly delivered to make sure that each of your FB posts has the potential to reach a maximum number of users. Use our free trial today and let your Facebook page achieve the success that you’ve always imagined.