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It is imperative to have engaged and popular Instagram page if you want to be successful on social media, which is impossible without Instagram Followers, Likes, Views or Comments. But with a gazillion companies claiming to be selling the best Instagram service packages online, the question that, probably, is itching you is this:

Questions and answers

1Are The Instagram Followers Really Free?
Yes, we really offer 100 Instagram followers for free trial. There is no catch in our service.
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You can always expect to get these free Instagram followers in just few minutes of your order placement. You can rely on us to deliver the followers on time always.
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If you like our services, you can choose any one of our packages to buy Instagram followers or Likes. After you have tested our quality and speed with our free Instagram followers or likes, you can easily buy more. With our different paid plans, you can grow and boost your number of followers.
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No, never. Your Instagram account won’t get banned ever, if you buy Instagram likes or Followers from us as we make use of the safest and most secure methods to deliver the likes and followers.
5Do I Have To Provide You With My Password?
No you don’t need to provide us with your password ever. We need an active email id and your Instagram user name only to provide you the required likes.
6Why the user is required to fill a survey?
It is for seeing that the user doesn’t have robotic features. The survey can be filled in a short time and it is really simple. This will take a couple of minutes. Free 100 Instagram followers and likes will be delivered instantly once verification is completed.
7Is free Instagram like site safe for using Instagram business as well as a profile?
Yes, customer safety and security is always kept on the top. Our trusted site serves millions of clients and you don’t have to give away your password to get free Instagram likes. We will ask for the email address that is registered and the Instagram username.
8How soon one will receive their first 100 likes?
Once the forms have been filled with correct information and the survey is completed, it will take some time to deliver the likes. The time required to get the likes will be appropriate if no errors got occurred.
9Will, the user receives continuous free instagram likes or followers from a reliable site?
You can easily fill the survey and receive free 100 or more likes once the survey has been completed. It can be either done through desktop or mobile.

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