Instagram Hashtags Not Working

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May 2, 2018
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Instagram and Hashtags are as relatable as sugar to your coffee and salt to your soup! These two have prolifically serving the instagram users with numerous uncountable benefits.

Instagram being an online picture and video sharing platform, lets the users capture and post them with effective filters and share them either with a particular collection of people, or even globally. But how are hashtags, giving more assistance to instagram users?

Instagram Hashtag not working

So first answer these few questions. Do you have taken your business marketing to instagram? Do you wish more people, who aren’t even following you to see your instagram posts? If you nod in yes, then hashtags are all that you need!

Hashtags on instagram lets you enjoy the freedom of making it easier and simpler for others to find you, explore your content and follow up if it matches with their interest zones. The hashtags that you use make you discoverable.

So how do the hashtags actually work?

Hashtags generally originated through twitter, but they have now taken over the masses, and extended their reach to every social media platform and channel.

And when we compare, today the intensity of hashtags is the highest on instagram, than any other application or website. As instagram has got various business profiles, who have understood that their success lies in proper hashtagging.

One of the peculiar ways through which, people find the content, accounts and contributors, is through searching with hashtags.

Every picture or video which is uploaded over instagram is accompanied by some captions, also termed as short description or message about that particular post.

You can use hashtags in these captions, which will let you categorize and organize the content as per a particular genre.

Hashtags are the words which are followed by ‘#’ and thus, it turn out to be blue in colour when you use it. This aids the procedure of discovering a particular content and its optimization.

However, times and again, instagrammers have been witnessing this problem where their hashtags don’t work out. When this happen, you might find it difficult to get enough likes, comments and responses that you have been expecting. So let’s figure out why this happens?

How to fix Instagram Hashtag

Why do instagram hashtags don’t work?

As you use the hashtags as some relative words for your post, you might want that whenever people search out for that hashtags, your post should appear on it. But, many a times this doesn’t happen and things get complicated.

There might be uncountable reasons for why your hashtags crash. It might be chances, that you are not aware of these, and are just following the wrong procedure due to which your hashtags don’t appear on the tagged post. Some of the most common mistakes you make, include-

  • Setting your account privacy to “private” and not public is the major issue. Hashtags are only meant to provide you with enough exposure.
  • If you don’t keep your account public, you won’t get the proper attention as only your followers could see your posts.
  • Using the wrong hashtags might also be the problem. Knowing what your audience wants, is all what marketing is about
  • Thus, always research about what hashtags is trending and related to your post and are they catching enough attention from the viewers or not.
  • As instagram limits up the maximum number of hashtags that you use to 30, you must definitely make adequate use of them.
  • Don’t end up your post with 10-15 hashtags. Try to cover them up with all 30, so as let your posts flow through the whole instagram and popular hashtags.
  • People, unknowingly, make use of those hashtags which are either banned or restricted by the instagram community guidelines, for any type of harming.
  • If you use these hashtags, which are linked with inappropriate content, then they would not work at all.
  • If you are editing your post again and again, removing the earlier posted hashtags and adding new ones, then there are probably the chances of them not working.

So, these were just the few cases, where instagram hashtags might not appear on the post. However, there have been various cases, where people didn’t realise that their hashtags have actually worked. So, just recheck it twice to ensure.

So, how to deal with the problem when Instagram Hashtags Not Working 

Frankly speaking, there is no perfect way of how you can get your hashtags fixed. If you have undergone any of the mistakes mentioned above, then all you can do is rectify them.

In case you have used a broken or banned hashtag, or have just put your account privacy to private, then make the necessary changes that all you can do.

Secondly, don’t cat in a haphazard way. Always know what hashtags are trending, and how much of them are actually being liked and followed by the people. Just make sure that you are up to date with everything.

Another thing that you may take up, is tagging your hashtags both in the caption and in the comment. There are times when the post isn’t discoverable because of the caption doesn’t displays the hashtags that you have pasted.

Instagram Hashtag fix

However, in case you wish to ensure that yes, your post is up to the mark and is reaching the targeted viewers, and then you must always tag your hashtags in the comment box too. Fortunately one of these will definitely show up no doubt.

To do this, you just have to post your picture or video first with the hashtags properly spaced and mentioned in the caption part.

Instagram Hashtags

Up next, you should wait for the picture to get posted on the instagram.

As soon as the picture appears on the timeline, open it, go to the comment option and put up more hashtags or the same one again which you wished to. And this is how it’s done.

If things still don’t work out, then try to update your application or switch off your phone on and off. Again, if the problem extends, you should report it to the staff of instagram.

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